FM Audit – Get Automated

Century Business Products automated meter collection software, FM Audit, delivers automated meter count collection, eliminating the need for manual meter reporting as well as increasing the accuracy and timeliness of meter billing. FM Audit pulls usage data at pre-determined intervals (i.e. every 3rd day of the month) securely and seamlessly.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminates the need for manual meter reading by your staff
  • Increased accuracy of meter readings
  • Increased accuracy of your bills
  • Ability to run usage reports of all your devices
  • This service is FREE!

How it works

The software application is installed on your server and is configured by Century Business Products to collect meter counts automatically. The usage data is securely pulled into our billing software, ensuring increased accuracy and timeliness of your bills. Your staff will no longer need to phone in, email, or otherwise submit your meter counts.


Getting Started

We are encouraging all of our customers to take advantage of the Automated Meter Collection Software.

To get started, please contact Craig Doeden at [email protected] or 1-800-529-1950.

FM Audit White Paper