Asking the Right Questions about Data Security

Since hardware devices, like copiers and printers, can save and store data on the machine itself, it’s important to ask some security questions before integrating new equipment into your office.

The best way to ensure the security of your business data is to know what questions to ask, and which equipment to get from your office technology vendor.

The Business Technology Association (BTA) advises businesses to ask technology vendors the following questions to ensure the safety and security of their data:

1. Do your devices use hard drives or another method of data storage? Also, find out if the hard drive is actually used in the copy-making process. If a machine presents a security risk, remedies are available to ensure safe storage.

2. What standard features and settings are built into the devices? Knowing which security features come standard will help you select the right machines.

3. Which devices have options that can be installed to address data security issue? New technologies provide businesses with more security features than ever.

Ask about some of these innovative features that could help protect your information:

  • Image overwrite systems provide instant, scheduled, or on-demand overwrite. Effective overwriting will electronically shred data.
  • Encryption packages render images indecipherable. Many of these packages meet Department of Defense and Advanced Encryption Standards and are offered by all manufacturers and implemented through your vendor.
  • Hard drive destruction is the most effective means of ensuring data security. Destruction of the hard drive, replacement with a new one, and reinstallation of the operating system eliminates all data. Physically shredding the hard drive will also guarantee confidentiality.

Asking the right questions and understanding the available safeguards for your data will help protect your business.

Contact your Century representative with any questions about your current equipment security features.