Can AI Help Automate Billing Processes?

From generating photorealistic images in seconds to building entire websites from scratch, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the landscape of the digital world. But what can it really do? AI is being implemented in businesses all over the globe to expedite processes and consolidate workflows. Businesses like Amazon, Apple, and Meta have all integrated AI into their systems for cleaner, smoother operations. Can AI help automate the billing processes in your business? Continue reading to find out more. 
What is Artificial Intelligence? 
Artificial Intelligence is defined by Britannica as “the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.” Common tasks of intelligent beings include the ability to reason, generalize, discover meaning, or learn from past experience. The earliest work with artificial intelligence was done by British logician and computer pioneer Alan Mathison Turing in the mid-20th century. Can AI help do more?
Square 9 Softworks, a document management software company, has developed an artificial intelligence program called TransformAI that extracts all accounts payable information from invoices, receipts, and more without the use of templates, resulting in more accurately captured information, significantly reduced professional services costs, and faster and more convenient data validation. From the moment a document is uploaded into the software, the necessary information is transferred to the correct destination without any capture templates.  
TransformAI saves you from significant expenses both during implementation and down the road. Information such as vendor names, invoice dates, invoice numbers, P.O. numbers, dollar amounts, and more can be seamlessly identified, interpreted, and extracted from any invoice.  
Cloud Transformation Services: 
Square 9’s Cloud Transformation Services is another powerful end-to-end secure platform that can work seamlessly with TransformAI to aid as part of the Accounts Payable solutions. Automating document separation, validating data, and managing approval routing through a powerful workflow engine are just a few examples of what Cloud Transformation Services can do in conjunction with TransformAI. 
80-90% of paper used in billing and invoice processing can be reduced by automating the invoice billing process, saving countless businesses time and money. AI automation reduces the percentage of human error as well, resulting in saving the aforementioned money and headaches.  
Want to know more? 
Time can be reduced, money can be saved, and errors can be avoided. So, how do you start using Square 9? How do I implement TransformAI into my workflow?  
Century Business Products can answer any question you may have about installation and implementation. Contact us today for a conversation on overhauling your billing processes and find out how we’re, “Powering Your Business Technology.”