Celebrating 30 Years

30 years in business! Where does the time go? Remember the days of thermo faxes, duplicators and typewriters? Those of us at Century who recall those technologies (there are still some of us that do!) marvel at the fact all of those basic but useful technologies are now incorporated into a single digital device- integrated into your business servers and networked systems for seamless use across an entire business.

Back then, the evolving technology was complicated and many dealerships like ours had a tough time grasping the concept of sending information from a computer or server directly to a copier where it would then output the information. At that point we needed technicians who could not only fix the devices, but could understand computer software and printer connectivity in order to properly network the machine. Keeping up with the technology was difficult.

Based on the speed upon which technology continues to evolve today, it seems as though there will be no limit to how far it will go. The days of “speeds and feeds” for the office equipment industry are over. Today we focus on integration, software, and providing workflows designed to truly solve a customer’s problem.

As a recently certified Kyocera Total Document Solutions Provider, Century has a renewed focus on partnering with our customers to provide complete solutions; from document creation and capture on throughout the entire document life cycle. With certified technicians, trained sales reps and experienced software solutions technicians, we are proud to be able to offer our customers the best products, customer support, and software solutions.

For the last several years, Century has provided software designed to better manage your organization’s documents- both paper and digital formats. These solutions offer greater security, boost compliance and often become the backbone of these businesses. Being able to provide our customers with digital replications of common business workflows, easy to use electronic forms, and secure remote access to critical documents has been an unbelievably valuable addition to our service offering. Business is changing and we plan to change right along with it.

We recognize that having the ability to adapt and change with technology is the key to our own success. By investing in new technologies that will make us more efficient, ensuring our employees are well-trained and remaining committed to reliable products that have long proven their value, we know our customers will directly benefit with better equipment uptime, increased longevity of their investment and an unmatched customer service experience.

Beginning this summer, we will be celebrating our anniversary with open houses in Sioux Falls and at each of our branch offices. Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming events. We would love to see you there.

Here’s to thirty more years!

Thank you for your business,

Brett, Aaron, Kevin and everyone at Century Business Products