Century has Top Kyocera Technicians in the Region

Kyocera held a rigorous competition yesterday in Chicago for five Kyocera technicians in our eleven state region. These Kyocera technicians were subjected to timed written, oral & hands on testing with Kyocera’s corporate engineers from Japan and the United States. The testing isn’t about speed, but the ability to thoroughly solve problems, complete questions with accuracy and provide problem solving skills to Kyocera’s engineers within an allotted time period.

Century Business Products is proud to announce Todd Gordon as the first place winner this year in the contest. Congratulations goes to Craig Doeden for finishing third place, Craig had won the national title in 2009.

Todd will now travel to Dallas, Texas later this month to compete in the national contest with four other regional winners to hopefully become the nation’s best technician in the country. The winner receives a trip to Japan & China to tour Kyocera’s corporate facilities and production plants.

Good Luck Todd!