Technicians qualify for Kyocera Competition

Congratulations to Century technicians who have qualified for the regional Kyocera Competition!

Todd Gordon, Lance Roberts, and Craig Doeden have qualified to go to the Regional Kyocera Best Technician competitions held in Chicago next week. Century Business Products has qualified three of the five available spots for our entire region (North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky). This is the fourth consecutive year that Century has qualified a minimum of three out of the five top spots for our region, no other dealer nationwide has qualified more technicians for regionals than Century.

The regional winner will go on to Dallas, TX to compete with the winners from four other regions in the country. The overall winner will receive prizes, a trip to Japan and China to tour Kyocera’s production facilities. Craig finished first in the Nation in 2009 and Lance finished fifth in the nation in 2011. Century continues to dominate in this competition year after year. This is another example of Century Business Products commitment to being the very best in taking care of our customers.

See the results here.