Get I.T. Back to Business

Get I.T. Back To Business
It’s time to let your I.T. staff focus on critical tasks, instead of printers!
In many companies, high-paid I.T. departments spend countless hours of valuable time on the administration and management of your company’s output devices. That’s right, your already over worked I.T. staff gets pulled away from critical, profit generating tasks all the time to service and maintain the copiers and printers in your office.

According to Gartner Inc., the world’s leading I.T. research company, 25 percent of help desk calls are printer and copier related, that’s a quarter of your IT department’s time spent dealing with non-critical areas.

Even simple supply orders, regular repairs, or standard installations require your I.T. staff dealing with several vendors and service personnel. Additional frustrations arise from the downtime and cost-inefficiencies of using multiple suppliers. “It took nearly a year for us to analyze, design and implement the MPS system we are currently using. We were able to reduce the amount of printers in our fleet and automate some of our business processes saving the company considerable time and money. The planning has paid off, it just works. Toners are sent automatically, meters are sent electronically and service is extremely timely if needed,” said Jason Haug the I.T. Manager at Sioux Steel Companies.

A recent survey by Gartner revealed that the top priorities of I.T. professionals should include:
• Analytics and Business Intelligence
• Cloud Computing and Virtualization
• Building your Infrastructure
• Improving your CRM and ERP
• Managing your Network 

Notice what’s NOT on that list, servicing your printers! Printer related tasks take away from mission critical functions that grow your business. Don’t take any more time away from your I.T. staff. Instead, improve your business and technology processes by shifting the management of your print fleet to Century Business Products. “Our company has realized considerable efficiencies with our I.T. staff, we have more time to support the network and our employees”, said Jason.

With a single point of contact and one bill, a Managed Print Services (MPS) Program provides you with peace of mind and a simplified plan to manage your output devices and streamline supplies and maintenance. Whether it’s new hardware or maintenance on existing machines, all of your output devices will be taken care of, regardless of the brand.

Your I.T. managers will be free from the burden of managing tedious administrative tasks, so they can focus their core skills on lucrative projects that will make your business more profitable. 

Reduce frustration and administrative costs while increasing the productivity of your valuable I.T. staff. Contact us today, and we’ll help your IT department get back to business!