It Pays to Use Color.

It Pays to Use Color
Did you know that color invoices get paid 30 percent faster than black and white invoices? 
Recent studies show that: 
* Color can increase payment response by up to 30% 
* Information highlighted in color can be located 70% faster 
* People are more likely to pay in-full when the amount is shown in color 
Color invokes a sense of urgency, highlighting your invoices with red ink increases the rate of return and gets you paid faster. Not only does color capture attention, it also increases readers’ attention span and recall. Color also increases the ease with which documents can be identified, sorted and filed. 

By bringing color in-house, your company will see faster turnaround on invoices, as well as improved document sorting and branding. Color is also used to emphasize critical internal and external correspondence, as well as marketing materials to convey professionalism.

In addition to the benefits of using color on invoices, bringing color in-house also releases you from high prices and minimum print runs required by print shops. By only printing what you need, your company can save significantly on production costs.

“We print a lot of marketing materials, invoices, and letters for our organization.  Prior to putting in the Kyocera color machine with tier pricing from Century Business Products, we were paying an additional $600.00 monthly for our flat rate color output,” said Amy Gesch, Assistant Director of Sioux Empire Baseball Association. “The product is very unique. Instead of being billed a flat color rate, the product analyzes the amount of toner being put down and bills us accordingly. A product that allows us to pay for just what we use and nothing extra – great concept! So, again, just want to say, thanks!”

More businesses are taking advantage of the benefits of color in the workplace as color printing costs continue to drop. The notion that color printing is too expensive is a thing of the past. Color printing today is actually more affordable than ever!