Managed Print Services Deliver Savings

Let’s face it—times are tough right now. Businesses small, medium, and large have all felt the sting of the economy, and would benefit from a better bottom line. One simple solution to help tighten the financial belt of your organization is to take advantage of Managed Print Services (MPS) to manage your printing supplies and service. MPS could result in savings of 20 percent or more for your company!

How can outsourcing all of your printing needs to an MPS save you money? Let’s count the ways.

1. Consolidation: MPS streamlines your entire printing operation, consolidating it to just a single trusted provider, eliminating wastes of both time and money. Many businesses use devices from a variety of different brands, and rely on several different sources to service and supply their printer fleet and their software. With MPS, your single vendor will handle all of your requirements, including maintenance. What used to be multiple statements are consolidated into a single invoice each month, saving your organization processing costs and valuable time.

2. Optimization: An assessment of your printing fleet provided by MPS can discover and eliminate hidden costs and unnecessary machines, as well as re-position, restructure and optimize them for added savings. Your devices are continually audited for efficiency and recommendations are made in areas such as printer placement, over and under-utilization, energy consumption and advances in technology.

3. Automation: MPS uses software to remotely gather data from all of your machines, providing automated monitoring and management of your printing operation for optimal use. When your machines and their supplies are automatically monitored by printing professionals, you can extend the life of your printing fleet while experiencing less downtime and improving workflow. Proactive service and maintenance will allow your employees and IT department to use their time more productively on critical functions, since they’re no longer burdened with ordering consumables or replacing parts.

MPS is the total package, covering all of your printing needs. Proactive service, control over supplies inventory, remote monitoring, management reports, and a single invoice from your vendor, all combine to add up to huge savings of time and money.

As an industry, we’re seeing more and more businesses successfully cut overhead costs as clients benefit from Managed Print Services. Initiating an MPS program is a surefire way to see immediate and long-term cost savings.