Square 9 GlobalSearch Delivers the Answers You Need

Square 9 GlobalSearch Delivers | Century Business Products, Inc.

Searching for any document in a business can be very time consuming depending on how the documents are stored, but who sets up the rules for storing documents and where they are stored?  Every individual in your company storing documents will do it a little differently. When searching for these reports, invoices, checks, emails, faxes or other business critical documents, you’re most likely looking for key pieces of information they contain. With Square 9 GlobalSearch document capture automation software from Century Business Products, that’s exactly what you’ll find, quickly and easily.

While GlobalSearch allows you to digitally store and share virtually any type of document, the real time saver, and productivity booster, is the ability to capture specific data within any document automatically, then search for that content with ease. The capture process can be electronic or a document from a scanning device.

Instead of needing to scroll through dozens of documents, you can pre-set and correlate the information you need into a single path from countless documents. The GlobalSearch software features simple ways to teach the program exactly the type of information you want extracted, when being stored. Rules can be set up providing secure access to these documents based on the credentials of your employees who need to view or manipulate these documents.

With the GlobalSearch information validation function, you’ll know the information you’re using is correct. This efficiency-boosting, web-based solution allows companies to manage the capture process and searching capabilities from virtually anywhere in the world.

For over a decade, Century Business Products’ trained software engineers have utilized Square 9 Softworks GlobalSearch to help clients streamline their document management and free up their employees time to focus on growing the business.

If you’re ready to have the information you need exactly when you need it, call 800-529-1950 or email us at [email protected] to see why the affordable GlobalSearch document capture automation software is the intelligent way to do business.