Year-End Reflection: Office Improvements to Make for 2024

Person checking off futuristic checklist.

The end of the year is the perfect time to evaluate the current state of your office and consider improvements to make for the new year. Reflect on 2023 and explore where your office can grow and improve in terms of hardware, software, IT and tech. The experts at Century Business Products are available to evaluate your space and find a custom solution for your business.

Data Security

Ensure your business’s computers, printers and scanners are secure. Besides requiring regular password updates, there is a variety of Kyocera HyPas software available that helps ensure workplace security:

·       Card Authentication requires an employee card to be scanned before files can be accessed

·       AccessLock gives specific departments or users access to only the MFP device functions they require

·       Cryptek requires users to authenticate themselves with a smartcard and PIN code

Inventory Check

Do an inventory count of the basics: paper, toner, pens, etc. Don’t forget to review bigger inventory pieces such as office tech. If you have a change in staff, such as hybrid or a hiring surge, you may need to evaluate how many printers and scanners your office has. Whether it’s an MFP for several people to use or a black and white desktop printer, Century Business Products will find the right Kyocera for your office needs.

IT Maintenance

It’s a great time to do IT maintenance when several staff are out of the office for the holidays. Update computers to the latest OS, perform any necessary software updates and check that cloud and onsite backups are running appropriately. A division of CBP, Catalyst IT, has you covered for all your IT needs.

Office Clean-Up

Oftentimes general office cleanup is on the back burner. Start the new year off fresh with an organized office! You can recycle your toner cartridges, organize and scan any documents providing for a cleaner and more efficient office, once scanned don’t forget to organize your digital files, too. Dust and clean computer equipment to prevent overheating. Encourage employees to clean and organize their personal workspaces which will provide for a more enjoyable work environment.

Set a positive tone for the new year. By ensuring your workplace is ready for 2024, your employees will be more productive and enjoy their work environment. If you are looking for assistance in managing all of your digital documents within your business environment, contact us at Century Business Products to discuss the solutions available for 2024. If you’re looking to update your office equipment, once again, look no further than Century Business Products.