Prescribe Printing

Prescribe Printing - Document Routing & Workflow Apps for the Kyocera HyPAS platform

The ability to create, store and print forms directly from your Kyocera allows you to save on business resources, such as network bandwidth, storage space and the inventory associated with preprinted forms. Kyocera’s unique Prescribe Solution allows businesses to create variable data forms and business-critical documents quickly and affordably.

PRESCRIBE Solution offers:

  • Form Creation: Utilizing the PRESCRIBE Solution provides your customer with an alternative way of printing their variable data on forms.
  • Form Modifications: You can modify any form as needed to accommodate changes such as addresses, telephone numbers, logos, etc
  • Multi-Part Forms: With the PRESCRIBE Solution you can create multi-part forms electronically and download the forms to any supported Kyocera printer or MFP
  • Gray Bar: With the PRESCRIBE Solution, businesses can eliminate “green bar” tractor-fed line printers in their environments and incorporate a plain paper “gray bar” solution from any supported Kyocera Printer or MFP.


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