Enhancing Efficiencies: New Square 9 Integration with QuickBooks Online

Square 9 Integrates QuickBooks Online (1)

GlobalAutomation for QuickBooks Online Eliminates Data Entry with AI and Expands Automation 
Square 9 Softworks, a leading provider of AI-powered Intelligent Information Management solutions, recently announced a new integration, GlobalAutomation for QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks and Square 9’s communication will be heightened by this integration as the cloud solutions leverage the latest advancements in AI and machine learning capture technology to eliminate data entry and provide new opportunities for automation—increasing efficiency across the board. 

What is GlobalAutomation? 

GlobalAutomation combines AI-driven data extraction and Accounts Payable Automation to intelligently create payable invoices and manage approval routing, all without the need for manual data entry. 

  • GlobalAutomation for QuickBooks Online delivers highly accurate AI-driven data extraction of invoice and receipt fields to eliminate the need for manual data entry, including the capture of any line-item data.
  • Using automated workflows, documents can be routed throughout your organization to streamline approval processes. All it takes is one click.
  • If you’d like to customize the flow of information, workflow creation and editing are flexible and modular and allow you to adjust to your specific business needs. This includes single-level, multilevel, and threshold-based approval models.
  • Your fully indexed documents can be released for secure access within GlobalSearch or sent to other repositories, including QuickBooks Online, Microsoft SharePoint, Citrix ShareFile, or Google Drive.  


What does this mean? 

Eliminate Data Entry: GlobalAutomation for QuickBooks Online delivers highly accurate, AI-driven data extraction of invoice and receipt fields to eliminate the need for manual keystrokes. 
A Full Business Process Automation Platform: Get the tools you need to manage the validation and approval routing of invoices throughout your organization. 
Free Flowing Information: An intuitive, no-code integration with QuickBooks Online allows for seamless communication between all platforms. 
A Scalable Solution: Combine the best in intelligent information management and accounts payable automation to expand your digital strategy company-wide. 

What is Square 9? 

Square 9 Softworks is a leading innovator in intelligent information management solutions. Their AI-powered platform streamlines business processes by facilitating the transition from paper-based systems to digital workflows.  
Square 9 automates document capture and data extraction from scans and PDFs, allows for secure archival with searchability, enables the creation of digital replicas of existing processes—ensuring a smooth transition and improved efficiency. 
If you think it’s time to let Square 9 take the paper out of your work, contact us here