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Year after year our schools are continually asked to do more with less, that’s why the Madison Central School District has partnered with Century Business Products. After studying their print environment, it became clear that the costs of printing was larger than anyone imagined. On top of that, mid-high volume printers were doing low volumes while low volume printers were struggling under the weight of excessive volumes. And when it came to the Multi-Functional Devices, their current vendor had disappointed them with their level of service. After replacing their existing HP fleet with Kyocera Printers and MFD’s not only did they find the costs were dramatically reduced but nagging issues like Print Driver/OS Compatibility disappeared overnight. And worrying about machine uptime is a thing of the past.

Document Output was now improved and streamlined, but when working together we found several issues with Document Storage. The school had to cut back some administrative positions due to budget cuts, and because of this the district once again had to do more with less. Student records were the biggest question mark. Records for all students are housed in one building, meaning the elementary school did not have access to all documents. Student Registration day would take several weeks to file all the documents with the normal staff levels! Not to mention the amount of time looking for that one medical release form, or the name of an approved family member to pick up a child. With Smart Search the district has reduced the cycle time it takes to file and retrieve student records. Using Barcodes at registration day they are automatically populating index fields drastically reducing the time it takes to file documents.

Madison Central Schools
Madison, SD

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