Rigging up a better document management system.

The problem we were having was the inefficiency with managing our paper documents. Our employees were filing documents in cabinets located in multiple area within our building. Once filed there were many times when we needed to refer back to an original document only to find it had been stored. The process to find the documents was very inefficient and cost our company valuable time to retrieve. It only became worse as these documents were archived to other parts of our buildings, then the retrieval process started over again, what box are the documents stored in, how were they stored and if retrieved were they refiled? These are some of the issues we dealt with through the years.

Dakota Riggers started researching several companies with the capability to handle our storage and retrieval nightmare. Century Business Products was one of the vendors we looked at because they handle the MFP’s used in our facility. The discussion came down to integrating the imaging system with the scanning equipment already within our facility making it seamless and more cost effective. After analyzing our needs they demonstrated one of their imaging systems to us and it was highly customizable for our needs. The system we chose was easy for us to capture scanned or electronic documents, searching was easy, the different levels of security was a plus, it was compatible with our server and worked well with our billing software.

Century Business Products supplied all the information we needed, equipment, installation, and training. They had the trained staff to accomplish our goal to become a paperless office within a short period of time. Dakota Riggers is now a completely paperless office and the return in investment has been seen with more efficient and timely customer service.

Dakota Riggers
Sioux Falls

Cutting cost with smarter equipment.

We couldn’t believe the time our employees were spending looking for low cost toner and also the wasted space associated with storing multiple cartridges for our aging fleet of HP printers. We had an old copier from another supplier that was having more maintenance issues and was causing stress with employees when trying to make copies.

We had visited with Century Business Products and decided to do a no cost analysis to find our printing cost and to see if there was a better way to increase efficiencies within our business. The analysis revealed an expense to our company of nearly $400.00 a month. Considerably more than we had thought, this didn’t factor in the cost of our employees calling around to find the best price on toner, trying to find service for the printers when there was a problem and also the down time while waiting for service from our previous vendor to show up to fix our aging copier.

Century Business Products proposed replacing the printers and copier with new products at a much lower cost than analyzed and provided one unified toner cartridge, more reliability, more speed, a low cost of operation and ease of operation for printing or copying. It was nice to have them come in and set everything up on the day of delivery. When Century left everything was networked and operating as promised.

It is nice to know our exact monthly expenses associated with printing in our business environment. It is also nice to know everything is covered from top to bottom on our products including toner. If there is an issue or questions with our products we make one call to Century and everything is handled in a very timely matter.

Landscape Garden Center
Sioux Falls, SD

A long term relationship that can’t be copied.

Century came up with the best solution for us ten years ago and they have continued to meet all of our needs. We have enjoyed a strong relationship with local salespeople and having a local service technician is icing on the cake. Every aspect of our services, including our print images, celebrate life and honor memories and must always be of exceptional quality that we and our families are proud of. Century not only provides us with high quality imaging, they have also maintained a low cost for our consumable supplies. Their maintenance contracts are a very practical solution, it is beneficial to have a true understanding of our costs and we never worry about service, parts, or repairs, everything we need is included.

Memorial Funeral Home
Vogel Family Memorials
Sioux Center, Iowa

Choosing Century Business Products was their best call.

Cellular Only has been a well-known cell phone provider in the Sioux Falls market for many years, but when they were ready for a major expansion, their I.T. provider referred them to Century Business Products. They had two big needs. First, they needed a provider that could be nimble and work with them as they grew. Partnering with one company for their stores in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa was important for them for consistency and quality of service. Second, they needed a reliable communication hub. Not only are their Kyocera Multi-functional devices the main print source in their branches, but they also serve as the backbone to their workflows.

Cellular Only
Sioux Falls, SD

A single connection for all their document solutions.

West Central Electric Co-op has been a customer of Century Business Products for over 20 years. Product knowledge, quality products and service support that is second to none are the driving factors that have kept us as customers. We live in a fast paced business world and when you need something it’s nice to know all you have to do is pick up the phone and they are there for you!

One item you can literally take to the bank is that Century Business Products has helped us streamline our office procedures and reduce our expenses by utilizing their products and services.

West Central Electric Co-op
Murdo, SD

A paperless path to growth.

NuWay Cooperative took an initiative to go paperless three years ago and, with the help of Century Business Products, was able to obtain this goal.

NuWay purchased Kodak ScanMate i1120 Scanners for all Admin, Sales, and Operations employees. Everyone was equipped with the same setup which allowed the process to be more efficient. NuWay uses Quick Capture software with the ScanMate Scanner’s to process all of its daily needs for data entry and storage of documents. This system enables all employees to have access to any documents through a web-based filing cabinet. NuWay is currently day to day with all activities which allows more efficient buying, selling and promotes clearer communication among the entire company. The products from Century Business have allowed NuWay to obtain the paperless initiative and we look forward to continued improvement in our process.

NuWay Cooperative
Trimont, MN

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