Lower cost with higher productivity.

Our company had a variety of different smaller printers and copiers being using for our everyday office needs. The color being outsourced dealt with product information, brochures, and monthly investment material for our customers.

Century Business Products revealed a system that could handle all of the daily office needs with capabilities of printing the color that was currently being outsourced. The benefit would be productivity, printing on demand, quality and included total cost savings on use of the equipment.

After Century reviewed all the volumes, types of documents printed, quality of printing, and costs associated with our current method; Century proposed the Kyocera 3050CI color system to handle all of our office documents.

The Kyocera 3050 color system – copies, prints, scans and faxes. The color quality exceeded our expectations and we are now printing material when it is needed and at a lower cost. The multifunction capabilities of the Kyocera 3050 system allow us to be most productive in the distribution of documents at a lower cost without sacrificing the quality we are accustomed to.

Howard Investment Management
Brookings, SD

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