Kyocera HyPAS Apps

When you purchase equipment from Century, you are purchasing equipment designed to change as your company changes. With Kyocera HyPAS apps, you can also turn your MFP or printer into a powerful tool for tracking, directing, and securing documents.

HyPAS apps are just like the apps on your smartphone. Their purpose is to simplify and automate a variety of tasks, such as mobile printing, cloud connectivity and business workflows from your Kyocera MFP. Additionally, HyPAS apps are developed in direct response to needs expressed by businesses like yours, so the list of apps is always growing!

Kyocera’s HyPAS technology benefits everyone in the document’s path:

  • Benefits to End-Users: Enables integration of the most advanced solutions, personalized to an organization’s document imaging requirements. Enhances the overall functionality of their Kyocera MFP and improving the productivity and efficiency of staff.
  • Benefits to Business Managers and CFOs: More fully optimized document imaging devices result in a lower cost of operation and more immediate return on your Investment
  • Benefits to IT Department: Seamless integration of Kyocera MFPs with existing network systems, maintaining the integrity and security of not only the user’s documents, but also the network and document imaging device itself.


HyPAS apps available now include:

  • Network Device Management
  • Mobile & Cloud
  • Capture & Distribution
  • Cost Control & Security


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