Capture & Distribution

Many manufacturers are developing Capture & Distribution applications for the Kyocera HyPAS platform. Here are a few of the applications currently available:


     Accusender Fax – Eliminate time-consuming manual faxing.
Accusender Fax Brochure 

    AccuSender® powered by Biscom – Send files without size limitations.
Accusender powered by Biscom Brochure 

DM Connect - Capture & Distribution Apps for the Kyocera HyPAS platform     DM Connect – Automate Workflow. Increase Efficiency. Stay Connected.
DM Connect Brochure 


          Kyocera Microsoft Connector – Document scanning and sharing through one integrated solution.

Kyocera Microsoft Connector Brochure


          Kyocera RightFax Embedded – Consolidate all fax services on the network.

Kyocera Right Fax Embeder Brochure


 PinPoint Scan 3 - Capture & Distribution Apps for the Kyocera HyPAS platform        PinPoint Scan 3 – Scan from your MFP to your PC with added speed, functionality, and security with no time-consuming set up required.
PinPoint Scan 3 Brochure


          Square 9 Connector – Automating paper intensive processes.
Square 9 Connector Brochure


           DocuWare Connector – DocuWare Integration Made Simple.
DocuWare Connector Brochure


      ShareBase® by Hyland – Empower users to share while retaining control.
ShareBase by Hyland Brochure


       AccuSender ShareBase Connector – Automate document sharing today.
AccuSender ShareBase Connector Brochure


  Teaching Assistant - Capture & Distribution Apps for the Kyocera HyPAS platform     Teaching Assistant – Streamline classroom workflow and boost student achievement.
Teaching Assistant Brochure


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