Capture & Distribution

Many manufacturers are developing Capture & Distribution applications for the Kyocera HyPAS platform. Here are a few of the applications currently available:



AccuSender Fax – Eliminate time-consuming manual faxing. Users simply scan a hardcopy document or select one from stored archives, configure it as an attachment to an email message, and use the recipient’s fax number as the email address. The fax server translates the attachment, which is then processed as an incoming fax by the recipient’s fax machine.

AccuSender Fax Brochure 


AccuSender® powered by Biscom – Allows users to scan and send documents, quickly and easily, with no size limitation from their KYOCERA MFP. And it all happens through one intuitive application, using Biscom Secure File Transfer, Email, or Fax. Send files without size limitations. Allows administrators in Government, Finance, Healthcare, and Legal industries to feel confident with their file sharing solution by meeting their unique needs, such as FIPS certified at-rest encryption for HIPPA and SOX compliance; Local court requirements such as Bates Stamping and PDF-A; User defined ability to control access to confidential documents.

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DM Connect - Capture & Distribution Apps for the Kyocera HyPAS platform     

DM Connect – Automate Workflow. Increase Efficiency. Stay Connected. DMConnect has the ability to capture, process, and intelligently route documents and information directly from an MFP or through various, interactive digital sources, making it a solution that helps any business or organization better manage their information and document workflows. Deliver extraordinary value with DMConnect and open the door to opportunities for your organization!

DM Connect Brochure 


Kyocera RightFax Embedded – RightFax technology enables consolidation of all fax services on the network, providing convenient access to faxing capabilities on the same Kyocera devices used daily for printing, scanning and copying. 

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PinPoint Scan 3 - Capture & Distribution Apps for the Kyocera HyPAS platform        

PinPoint Scan 3 – Scan from your MFP to your PC with added speed, functionality, and security with no time-consuming set up required. Instead of restrictive scan to email or scan to shared folder methods, employees can now scan directly to any number of locations on their PC or Mac, quickly and securely, from a network-connected KYOCERA MFP. Personalized scanning destinations can be easily created and managed, without the need for IT intervention. These destinations then become simple one-touch buttons on the MFP control panel. When employees want to scan a document, all they have to do is access the PinPoint Scan 3 application on the KYOCERA MFP, enter their pin code, select a destination, and they’re ready to go!

PinPoint Scan 3 Brochure


Square 9 Connector – For companies using Square 9 document management software, Kyocera offers an easy and efficient way to seamlessly store scanned hardcopy documents, through its Square 9 Connector business application. Kyocera’s Square 9 Connector streamlines the process of storing documents in their Global Search solution. Easy to install, the application allows any HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFP to function as a secure portal to the system, giving users full navigation, indexing, and searching capabilities across all their scanned and stored documents. They can access common scanning destinations, as well as quickly search through archives and index lists to locate and print documents on demand, directly from the MFP’s control panel.

Square 9 Connector Brochure


DocuWare Connector – DocuWare Integration Made Simple. Electronic file sharing is an essential part of day-to-day business. However, many servers have email size restrictions which makes the distribution of large files difficult, time-consuming, and costly. This forces businesses to devise a wide variety of non-standard, third-party solutions that encrypt files in transit but fail to protect them while they wait in the cloud or on the server. Kyocera’s DocuWare Connector simplifies complex document management processes, saving you valuable time and resources. Kyocera devices scan documents directly to — and retrieve documents directly from — any folder within the company’s DocuWare infrastructure, including personal web baskets in a single step.

DocuWare Connector Brochure


AccuSender ShareBase Connector – Automate document sharing today. Designed as a private cloud-based enterprise file synchronization and share (EFSS) solution, AccuSender ShareBase works by enabling you to access your ShareBase by Hyland account from a Kyocera multifunctional printer (MFP). This seamless integration with ShareBase enhances organizational efficiency and increases productivity on every level by transforming the MFP into a convenient scan hub. With information instantly accessible employees and stake-holders can make better-informed decisions.

AccuSender ShareBase Connector Brochure

  Teaching Assistant - Capture & Distribution Apps for the Kyocera HyPAS platform    

Teaching Assistant – Teaching Assistant streamlines the task of printing, grading and analyzing multiple-choice test results, using popular bubble sheet forms. With Teaching Assistant, the Kyocera HyPAS-enabled MFP does the work; educators can concentrate on the students and lesson plans, rather than the time-consuming, error-prone process of manual test grading. As an embedded app that runs on the Kyocera MFP, Teaching Assistant does not require network resources and IT support. What’s more, there is no server software to install or PC to connect. Teachers and support staff value its intuitive touch-screen operation, where an unlimited number of bubble sheets can be printed. The finalized tests are scanned, via Teaching Assistant, with test scores and associated reports immediately available — there’s no wait!

Teaching Assistant Brochure

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