A Tech Talk Your CEO Can’t Miss

CEOs do not always have much interest in the inner workings of their business’ IT structure. Therefore, breaking through and explaining the importance of IT to some CEOs can be very difficult. Fortunately, there is a way for IT leaders to grab their CEO’s attention when it comes to this topic.

Businesses that have adopted “fashionable” IT approaches—defined as IT practices that are new, efficient and at the forefront of business operations—have found several benefits that any CEO would be interested in discussing. Technology is converting the way brands and customers communicate, and fashionable IT can play a role in how companies are perceived.

Particularly, research has demonstrated that adopting an approach to fashionable IT can result in these benefits:

• Improved company reputation
• Improved bottom-line performance
• Increased company profits

One of the most popular fashionable IT approaches used by many businesses today is Managed Print Services (MPS). MPS is about unifying hardcopy devices, such as printers and copiers through control, optimization, and enhancement. Customers additionally have the capability to operate their equipment using document management and document workflows to improve basic business processes-cutting down on wasted time and money. It should also be noted that MPS is the first step into green printing, a direction many CEOs are planning to take their companies.

With these benefits in mind, IT leaders should feel confident discussing their IT ideas with their CEOs. Companies moving forward with new technologies and approaches such as MPS will notice the monetary benefits as well as the simplicity that comes along with different IT approaches.