PaperCut Security News Update

PaperCut March Security News Update

We are writing to inform you that there is a PaperCut NG/MF maintenance release available today, March 14th, 2024, which contains several security fixes for newly discovered vulnerabilities. This was a planned update by PaperCut. We strongly recommend you sign up for PaperCut’s newsletter which will directly inform you of all security updates.

All PaperCut Clients are responsible for updating PaperCut at their own discretion; Century can answer questions regarding the update and provide assistance if necessary.

Necessary Information to Update:

Click Here to Read About the Security Update

The Executive Summary, the issues addressed, simple instructions on updating, and FAQs.

Click Here for Detailed Instructions on How to Update PaperCut

How to prepare for updating, how to download the update, upgrading the server, and more.

Recommended Customer Actions at This Time: 

Please read the March Security Bulletin for more detailed information about these issues, upgrade procedures and FAQs.

You are also advised to sign up here to receive security updates directly from PaperCut.

For any questions or concerns, contact us here or call 800-529-1950.