Scanning Your Office to Efficiency

In today’s evolving office environment, technology is changing the way we manage and control our growing data needs. One of the more significant improvements available is digital imaging, which involves scanning documents into an electronic database for more efficient management. Scanning can help your company eliminate wastes of time and money associated with an office over-burdened by mountains of paperwork.

Here are some of the ways scanning can be a cost-effective business solution.

Efficient management of files and records – With your paper documents scanned and converted into electronic files, filing headaches become a thing of the past. No more time wasted manually filing documents, or searching for misfiled documents. In addition, storing electronic documents is a more affordable and space-saving alternative to bulky filing cabinets.

Improved access to your data – Having your documents stored electronically allows them to be accessed quickly and easily from anywhere, enabling viewing, copying, and transmitting from even the remotest of locations. Documents can be found more efficiently when employees are able to search your digital database for them by titles and keywords. And these files can also be viewed simultaneously by multiple users.

Effortless transmittal and distribution of data – The flow of paper throughout your office will be greatly reduced, as all of your documents can now be viewed electronically. And digital versions of these materials can be attached to an email and distributed immediately, allowing the recipient to print out a copy or fill out and sign electronically.

Heightened security for sensitive materials – Once your documents are scanned and stored electronically, you can increase security by limiting access to particular employees. No longer can unauthorized users or disgruntled employees view sensitive information. Additionally, audit trails enable you to learn who has accessed or edited your documents.

Enhanced preparation for data recovery – No one is immune from the risk of a catastrophic loss of data as a result of a fire, flood, or natural disaster. Once your documents are converted to electronic versions, you can make multiple copies and store them off-site in numerous locations. Electronic data storage will allow your company to resume business as usual regardless of the circumstances.

Greener business practices – Scanning minimizes the impact your office has on the environment. With your documents now digitized, fewer paper copies are needed, paperwork can be filled out electronically, and you can utilize paperless faxing.